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I am a Tasmanian jeweller currently based in Melbourne where I have recently completed a bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold and Silversmithing). I began making jewellery at a young age and have been working in my family’s jewellery business from the age of 12. During this time I have developed a passion for fine craftsmanship and respect for jewellery as an heirloom.

In 2007 I moved to Melbourne to extend my contemporary practice and discover new technologies and working methods .

In my work I am exploring the relationship between man-made structures and biological forms. Forms such as polyhedra, geodesic domes and honeycombs are common throughout the natural and man made world as being the most efficient structural solution for a given situation. In my jewellery and hollowware I explore these forms using both CAD 3D printing technologies, and intuitive hand fabrication techniques to develop beautiful pieces that are lightweight and complex.


My work is currently avialable at Handmark Gallery in Hobart, and Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne, and online at Etsy. I am also very happy to take orders for one off pieces. Please contact me for more information.





2009   Cornucopia, Graduate Exhibition, Guildford Lane gallery, Melbourne

2009   The Jewellers, The Pea Green Boat, Melbourne

2008   Medium Rare, 1st & 2nd Years Exhibition, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

2008   Wondernamel 2008 RMIT Gold and Silversmithing, First Site RMIT Union Gallery, Melbourne

2008   One to one; New experiences in Tasmanian Jewellery Design, Design Centre – Tasmania, Launceston

2007   Some Things Don’t Grow Back, 1st & 2nd Years exhibition, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne


2009   Maggie Fairweather Gold and Silversmithing Award

2008   Silversmithing Award for Second Years


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